Jean Stone


Jean Stone

During a trip to Kentucky!  A surprisingly awesome place to visit!  Travel the USA!

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I am blessed to work with a wonderful group of ladies!  


Hi, I'm Jean Stone.  I love teaching young children.  Their innate curiosity and excitement to learn gives me great joy.  If you were to visit my classroom, you'd see a lot of happiness and excitement, while remaining controlled and purposeful.  I like all of the student's experiences to be as hands-on and relevant (to their experiences) as possible.  I also use VAKT, visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile experiences to build retention.  

I am originally from New York, right outside of the city.  During my childhood I was fortunate to experience life there as well as south Florida and then western North Carolina.  My family loved road trips, and that excitement to see the beauty of the world stuck with me!  

I graduated from the College of Charleston and I have been teaching early childhood children for over a decade.  I still love learning new methods and strategies for teaching,  therefore I am 'forever' a student.  Right now I am working on getting my endorsement for Gifted and Talented so I can deepen my understanding of how to reach gifted learners within the general education classroom.  

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